Pokimane Net Worth 2023

How much is Pokimane Worth?

Imane Anys, affectionately known as Pokimane, is a famous Canadian video blogger who is best known for displaying her colorful internet personality throughout live streams on Twitch and other online video game  platforms. She has over 23 million fans on all social media accounts, to include 8.1 million followers on her Twitch channel. As of 2023, Pokimane net worth is estimated at $2 million.

Famous quotes by Pokimane include:

  • “One of the strategies I used to balance streaming and university was to jam-pack back-to-back classes on 3 or 4 days of the week. That way I had a couple of days off where I could stream.”
  • “Sometimes people are having a bad day, or they are in a rut and they can just tune into my stream and have a few laughs and hang out in my community.”
  • “Whenever I go outside. I’m just amazed by how good the graphics are, like damn… God really popped off!”


Age 26
Real name Imane Anys
Born Morocco
Education High School Diploma, McMaster University: Studied Chemical Engineering. Dropped out of college her junior year.
Occupation YouTuber, Live Twitch Streamer
Source of Wealth Twitch, Brand Sponsor Deals, Diversified Portfolio
Relationship status Single
Net worth $2 million
Height 5’3
Weight 121 lbs
Last updated February 2023

How much money does Pokimane make?

Imane “Pokimane” Anys first started earning her fortune as a Twitch streamer with many sponsorship brand deals; in which, she eventually formed a partnership with the Twitch brand. Here is an overview and rough estimate of Pokimane salary, to include monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly income. Please keep in mind that the amount of money that he earns is taxable; in which, he falls under the highest tax bracket. Thus, financial planning plays a key role in establishing both short and long-term goals along the path to building wealth.

  • Annual Income: $500,000
  • Monthly Income: $42,000
  • Weekly Income: $9,600
  • Daily Income: $1,300
  • Hourly Income: $60

How did Imane Pokimane Anys get rich?

Imane Pokimane Anys was able to get rich by developing multiple streams of income via game-related topics on Twitch, establishing multiple YouTube channels, making smart investments, and partnering with numerous brand deals. As an influencer, Anys leveraged her massive online following to secure enough sponsor endorsements (i.e. HyperX, CashApp, Postmates) to earn over $10,000 thousand a month while streaming part-time in college. To better put things into perspective, Imane once rejected a $3 million dollar sponsor deal since it was not a good overall fit for her Pokimane brand.

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Who is Pokimane? Originally named Imane Anys, Pokimane was born on May 14, 1996 (age 26) in Morocco. Pokimane ethnicity falls under both Canadian and Moroccan as she maintains dual citizenship due to an early relocation to Canada during childhood.

After graduating from high school, Anys became a full time university student and  majored in chemical engineering. Her school priorities ultimately changed once she realized the possibility of making a full time income from streaming and brand deals. As a result, she dropped out of college her junior year to take advantage of the timing and the business opportunities to build upon her brand success as an entrepreneur.

With regards to the Pokimane drama she encounters periodically, she feels as though women streamers do not receive the same treatment as her male counterparts. Take the Pokimane boyfriend incident; in which, she prefers to keep her relationship status private until she gets married or deems okay to reveal to the public. Until then, any knowledge of her going steady with a boyfriend remains somewhat of a secret. In May 2020, YouTuber Keemstar totally disagreed with her pretending to be single and accused Anys of misleading vunerable guys in order to receive more donations to her Twitch stream account.

The following are a list of her achievements, events, and awards:

  • Attended McMaster University for almost 3 years while majoring in chemical engineering
  • Launched and founded the Pokimane YouTube channel in March (2014)
  • Recognized as the Best Twitch Streamer of the year by the Shorty Awards (2017)
  • Partnered with Twitch during the TwitchCon event (2018)
  • Started streaming the Fortnite video game (2018)
  • Teamed up with NBA player Josh Hart at the E3 Fortnite event (2018)
  • Received a nomination for Live Streamer at the 8th Streamy Awards ceremony (2018)
  • Nominated for Content Creator of the Year during The Games Awards event (2018)
  • Obtained another nomination for Streamer of the Year at the Esports Awards ceremony (2019)
  • Nominated for Best Canadian Streamer during the Canadian Game Awards (2019)
  • Nominated once again for Streamer of the Year at the Esports Awards event (2020)
  • Received a nomination for Live Streamer during the 10th Streamy Awards ceremony (2020)
  • Featured in Forbes 30 Under 30 via the Games category (2021)
  • Scheduled to make a movie appearance in the film Free Guy in August (2021)
  • Obtained over 6.67 million followers on her Pokimane YouTube channel (2021)
  • Pokimane streaming with approx 8.1 million fans on Twitch (2021)


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www.twitch.tv/pokimane at Twitch

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