100 Romantic Good Morning Text Messages for Him

Put a smile on your guy’s face in the morning with a text message meant just for him, and he’ll be thinking about you all day long.  The message can simply be one that wishes him a good day.  You might also send one mentioning something you especially love about him.  (Who doesn’t like to be flattered?)  A message that expresses your love and appreciation for him will always be well-received, as will a message telling him how much you miss him when you are apart.  And a flirty, suggestive text might produce a wide grin on that handsome face of his.  You can keep your messages fresh and relevant by incorporating specific details from time to time–like the kind of weather you’re experiencing.

Know what you’d like to say, but get stuck when it comes to expressing your feelings?  The following 100 examples might stir your creative spirit. Or just use them as they are.  We’ll never tell.

Simple, sweet good mornings

  1. Good morning, babe!  Have a great one!
  2. Good morning, hon!  I miss you already! Hurry home tonight!
  3. Hey, there!  Hope you have a productive day at work today! Love you!
  4. Rise and shine, my man!  Time to show the world who’s boss!
  5. Good morning, man of my dreams!
  6. Good morning, sweetheart!  Sending virtual hugs and kisses to you as you begin your day!
  7. What a wonderful weekend we had together!  Have a great Monday!
  8. Good morning, darling.  Have a blessed day!
  9. Good morning to my dream come true!
  10. ‘Top of the morning to you, my love.  From the luckiest woman in the world.
  11. Wake up, love!  The world needs a dose of your charm!
  12. I hated waking up this morning.  I was having such sweet dreams of you!
  13. G’day to you, my knight in shining armor!
  14. Good morning, sweetheart. No matter what the day unfolds, know that I will love you all the days and nights of my life!
  15. Good morning, my guardian angel.  I truly believe God sent you to me.  Have a day filled with blessings.
  16. Happy day, my love.  Enjoy each moment, but please don’t do anything that would make your guardian angel blush!
  17. Good morning! Have a day that supersedes all others!
  18. Good morning, babe!  I love you!
  19. Good morning, my love. All my days are happier because of you. You complete me. 
  20. Good morning to the man who has made me the happiest woman in the world!
  21. You mean the world to me!  Have a great day, hon!
  22. I saw a smile on my face when I looked in the mirror this morning.  You put it there!
  23. Good morning to the man who makes my heart smile!  Hope you have a wonderful day!
  24. Have a great day, hon!  Thanks for being the best husband any woman could ask for!
  25. Good morning to the man who is the answer to all my prayers.
  26. Good morning, my true soulmate!  Have an awesome day!
  27. Good morning, love of my life!  I hope you have an extraordinary day!
  28. Just a short text this morning to wish you a rainbow-filled kind of day.  I love you!
  29. I went to sleep thinking of you last night, and woke up this morning dreaming of you.  Hope your day has had an equally sweet start.
  30. Rise and shine, sweetie!  It’s a glorious day!  Let’s ignore our to-do lists and spend it together!
  31. Good morning, Prince Charming.  Hope you enjoy a day fit for a king!
  32. A sweet good morning to the man who has stolen the key to my heart.  I love you!
  33. I can endure a day without coffee, but I can’t endure another day without seeing you.  Want to meet for breakfast before work?
  34. Hi there!  Just texting to wish you a fabulous day—and to tell you how much I love you!

Messages that flatter

  1. I never knew that a man as big and strong as you could be such a gentle lover.  Looking forward to another evening of love tonight.
  2. Good morning, my hunk!  Have a great day!
  3. Good morning to the nicest and sexiest husband a girl could ask for.  I love you!
  4. Top ‘o the morning to my incredibly sexy Irishman!
  5. A very good morning to the sexiest man on earth!
  6. My very first thoughts this morning were of you.  Just wanted you to know.  Enjoy the day!
  7. Do you know how fantastic you are? I love your manly strength, and your boyish spirit is equally endearing. Have a day as special as you are!
  8. Good morning, handsome!  Can’t wait to gaze upon those sparkling blue eyes of yours again! 
  9. Whenever I feel blue, I envision your smile, with those charming dimples, and I can’t resist smiling myself.  You lift me up as no other!  Have a great day!
  10. You are an amazing man:  handsome, brilliant, funny, caring, and sexy.  A perfect blend of qualities. Enjoy a day as awesome as you are!
  11. Good morning, sweetheart.  Have a beautiful day, filled with an abundance of blessings. No one is more deserving!
  12. The more I get to know you, the more I grow to love you.  You are one incredible guy! Have an incredible day!
  13. Good morning, Mr. Irresistible!  I am officially helplessly, hopelessly in love with you! Just thought you should know.
  14. I never knew a man like you existed.  You mean the world to me!  Have a day as wonderful as you are!

Expressions of love, gratitude, and support

  1. Just want you to know how thankful I am to have you in my life!  Hope you have an amazing day!
  2. I was just thinking this morning how much I love that I can totally be myself around you. I hope you feel the same way about me.  Looking forward to seeing you again soon!
  3. Good morning to the guy who can make me laugh like no other.  Thank you for the joy you’ve brought into my life! 
  4. I just want you to know how much I appreciate all you do to provide for our family.  I hope you enjoy a terrific day!
  5. Good morning, love.  Thank you for always being there for me when I’ve needed support.  You’re my rock!
  6. I have never laughed so hard or loved so much until you came along.  You are my everything! Enjoy a great day!
  7. Thank you for being my solid anchor as I weather the storms in my life.  I love you!
  8. I have many things in life for which I am grateful, not the least of which is you.  I love you!  Enjoy a wonderful day!
  9. I never expected to find a man like you.  I’m so glad I did! You are my everything!
  10. No matter what the day brings, remember that we are a team.  I’ve got your back; you’ve got mine; together we’re invincible!
  11. I always feel safe and protected when I’m with you.  Have a wonderful day, my knight.
  12. I know you weren’t looking forward to your workday this morning.  I wish I could be right there beside you.  I will be there in spirit, though, and I’ll be waiting to hold you in my arms tonight.
  13. Have an awesome day at work, sweetheart, and then come home to my loving arms.
  14. Good morning, lover!  Thank you for last night!
  15. There is a cardinal at my birdfeeder this morning, an apt symbol of my love, passion, and affection for you.  Have a beautiful day!
  16. Good morning to one of the nicest things that ever happened to me!
  17. Good morning to the man who is my everything!
  18. Good morning, my dearest. I truly didn’t know what love was until you came into my life.  Thank you for showing me.
  19. Good morning to the man I am madly in love with—in case you didn’t know!
  20. Good morning, sweetie.  I love you more than life itself!
  21. Hi, there!  Just want you to know you have my unconditional love and support, no matter what this day holds for you.
  22. Good morning, honey. You are my pot of gold at rainbow’s end. Your love has made me the richest woman in the world.

Love for all seasons and weather patterns

  1. It’s a chilly morning.  I need my arm-strong heater here with me!
  2. Even this miserable, rainy morning seems brighter when I know I’ll be seeing you this evening. Have a great day until then!
  3. Last night’s snowfall is beautiful this morning!  Want to come over and help me build a snowman?  Afterwards I’ll make us some hot chocolate and think of other ways to warm you up.
  4. I woke up to feel the sun shining on my face through the window.  It warmed me, but it couldn’t compare to the warmth of your touch.
  5. As winter fades, spring offers a new beginning.  I want to share this special time of year with only one person—you, my love.  Looking forward to seeing you tonight.
  6. There is no greater comfort than knowing I have you in my life during both sunny and cloudy times.
  7. The sun is shining through my window this morning.  It’s bright, but not nearly as bright as your smile, which lights up the whole room when you walk into it.
  8. Good morning, babe!  You are my sunshine on these cloudy days. 
  9. When I think of you, my heart beats a hundred times faster than the torrent of raindrops spattering on my window this morning. Love you!
  10. Since I met you, I feel like the winter of my life has ended, and my spring has begun.  
  11. Looking forward to seeing your smile this morning. It brightens up the bleakest days.  
  12. Good morning to the man who makes all my days seem sunny, no matter the weather.
  13. The flowers are just beginning to bud this spring, but my love for you is already in full bloom.  Enjoy a beautiful day!
  14. The flowers are losing their blooms as autumn draws nigh, but my love for you will never fade. 

When distance separates

  1. When I woke up this morning and rolled over to cuddle, your side of the bed was cold and empty.  I hate it when you have to be away on business!
  2. Even though we’re hundreds of miles apart, I feel your presence beside me.  I love you, hon.  Hurry back to me!
  3. Good morning, sweetheart.  I miss your smile, your laughter, your gentle touch. I miss everything about you!  I’ll be returning home soon.  Be ready!
  4. Good morning, hon!  I wish I could be with you tonight!  I miss my hunk!  See you in a couple of days!
  5. Good morning, my love! I wake up every day so thankful to be your wife, and I miss you so much when we have to be apart.  
  6. It is raining this morning here.  I sense Mother Nature is grieving with me because our other commitments require us to be so far away from each other right now.
  7. Good morning, sweetheart! I missed my bedfellow last night.  Get home as soon as you can!
  8. Good morning, honey!  I know this trip hasn’t been a lot of fun for you.  I wish I could have come with you.  I will be with you in spirit every step of the way, though.
  9. No matter how many miles separate us, the distance will never be far enough to diminish my enduring love for you.
  10. Good morning, lover. Having to spend so much time apart makes me cherish each minute we get to spend together.  I’m looking forward to your return tonight!

And a bit suggestive

  1. I dreamed about you last night, but I don’t think it’s legal to include the details in a text.  I’ll have to act it out for you when we get together again.
  2. I love you for your looks, personality, brains, and etcetera—especially your etcetera!  
  3. My mother told me to watch out for men like you—and I’m so glad I kept my eyes open!
  4. I just read an article entitled, “What Every Man Wants.” Mind if I try out some of the suggestions on you tonight?
  5. I just finished The Happy Hooker.  I can’t believe some of the things she talks about in the book can actually be done, but I’d like to give them a try.  Will you be my guinea pig? 
  6. Wake up, baby.  I can’t wait any longer to see that dazzling smile of yours, hear your joyful laughter, and be in your arms.  I can have breakfast on the table in an hour. Dessert might follow!

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