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R. Kelly is a famous American record producer, songwriter, and singer. He is best known as the singer who wrote and released I Believe I Can Fly. As of 2023, R Kelly net worth is estimated at $-2 million; during his peak, it reached $100 million.

Famous quotes by R Kelly include:

  • “I am very conscious of who I am as an artist and an inspirational person.”
  • “I’m no angel, but I’m no monster either.”
  • “Well, I believe that the depth of your struggle can determine the height of your success. I was inspired to come out of everything I’ve been through and end up in a place where I never thought I would be.”

R Kelly

Age 56
Full name Robert Sylvester Kelly
Born Chicago, Illinois
Education Kenwood Academy, high school dropout
Occupation American singer, songwriter
Source of Wealth Music, Entrepreneur
Relationship status Aaliyah (m. 1994, ann. 1995); Andrea Lee (m. 1996, div. 2009); Single
Net worth $-2 million
Height 6’1
Weight 200 lbs
Last updated February 2023

How did R. Kelly get rich?

R Kelly accumulated his wealth by developing multiple streams of income from his album sales as a music artist, live performance tours, and merchandise exchanges.

Why is R Kelly net worth so low?

R Kelly net worth is estimated at approximately $-2 million due to mismanagement of funds, the numerous lawsuits, complications, and allegations surrounding his court cases, to include the Surviving R Kelly documentary series as well as back child support payments. As a result, his net worth has lowered tremendously and into a negative overall amount.

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Who is R. Kelly? Real name, Robert Sylvester Kelly, R Kelly was born on January 8, 1967 (age 56), and was raised in the projects in Bronzeville, Chicago, Illinois. At the early age of eight, he started singing for a church choir in his neighborhood. His early childhood was mired with abuse and domestic issues.

In 1980, he enrolled in Kenwood Academy. There, he experienced one of his first exposures to performing in front of a crowd and winning a singing contest. During that time, his music teacher encouraged and supported him to pursue music. Together with his dyslexia, those events were the reasons that made him drop out of school after one year and start entertaining in a nearby subway.

Is R Kelly married? He has been married twice. His first marriage was annulled, and his second marriage ended up in a divorce. His first wife was Aaliyah, a famous American singer known as the Queen of Urban Pop and Princess of R&B. His second wife was Andrea Lee, an American actress, dancer, and choreographer. 

After spending a lot of time performing in subways, he started a musical group named Musically Gifted Men (MGM). After releasing one single, the group immediately disbanded. However, when this group entered, performed, and won in a TV show named Big Break, R Kelly was discovered by big labels and recording studios.

After some time, he signed with one of the record labels pursuing him, and a newly formed music group, Public Announcement, teamed up with him. He became its lead vocalist. A few years passed, and R Kelly and the group toured and performed until he separated from the group as a solo artist.

R Kelly Music Career

A few months after R Kelly split up with Public Announcement, he released his first ever solo album, 12 Play. This album contained his first hit, Bump N’ Grind. It reached the Billboard Hot R&B Singles chart, and it stayed there for 12 weeks, a record breaking feat at that time. 

Two other singles contained in his first album also gained popularity subsequently. Those songs are Your Body’s Calling and Sex Me. Both have reached and stayed in the US Hot 100 and Hot R&B Singles for quite some time. Each single sold more than 500,000 copies and became certified gold. In 1994, 12 Play achieved platinum status six times from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Launching one successful album is just a tiny part of R Kelly’s success. After 12 Play, he continued to grind his way up to the top and sustain his career. While performing, he also offered his talent to Michael Jackson. His collaboration earned him Grammy nominations.

The same year he got his nominations, he launched his second album, self-titled, R Kelly. With this album, highly regarded music critics praised the changes he made to his musical and lyrical style.

One of the most noticeable changes he made was minimizing the salaciousness of the songs. In the songs contained in the album, R Kelly’s focus on vulnerabilities and turmoil can easily be discerned by listeners and critics alike. Criticisms and praises aside, the album made its way to the Billboard 200, another first for R Kelly.

Three of the most successful singles on the album were Down Low, I Can’t Sleep Baby, and You Remind Me Of Something. All three also reached the top on both the US Hot 100 and US R&B. The album sold more than four million copies and achieved platinum from RIAA.

R Kelly Greatest Hits

After a year of continued success of his self titled album, he released his best song based on the number of awards he received. It was I Believe I Can Fly. The song has won various Grammy Awards. It nabbed Best Song Written Specifically for a Motion Picture or for Television; Best Rhythm and Blues Song; and Best Male R&B Vocal Performance.

The song was written and released as one of the original soundtracks for the movie Space Jam. Aside from the awards it garnered, it also topped the charts. It reached the number two spot on the Hot 100 chart while enjoying the top spot in the Hot R&B Singles chart. Outside the US, the song also topped the charts for weeks.

In 2004, the song was recognized by Rolling Stones magazine, and the organization included it in their top 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. In 2012, Complex magazine honored the song by placing it at the 24th spot in their best 90s R&B songs.

According to R Kelly, he came up with the song after he and Michael Jordan, a top National Basketball Association (NBA) player and lead actor in the film Space Jam, played some basketball. During that time, Jordan invited him to make a song for the movie he was filming. After watching its movie screening, R Kelly was left inspired and this made him write and compose the piece.

In the 90s, R Kelly was one of the most recognizable and successful R&B performers and singers. He was widely regarded as the Pied Piper of R&B, King of Pop-Soul, and King of R&B. He started his career in 1989, actively writing, releasing, and singing songs until 2019.

While his musical career and songs were highly regarded as genre-breaking and era-defining, he was continually surrounded by numerous allegations, scandals, and criminal cases. In many of the claims presented to him, he was found guilty in most of them.

R Kelly Trial

In September 2021, he was found guilty of nine allegations against him. Based on the cases presented against him, the disgraced R&B singer R Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in prison by US District Court Judge Ann Donnelly on June 29th, 2022 for federal racketeering and sex trafficking charges. Likewise, federal prosecutors previously requested that the judge sentence R. Kelly to more than 25 years behind bars.

As an aside, rumors are circulating regarding I Believe I Can Fly will be a Grammy awards revocation because of R Kelly’s criminal cases. However, the recording academy denies it.


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