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Bobby Brown is an American singer-songwriter who has been active in the music industry since 1981. He made his millions through his many successful singles released throughout his career, including hits such as My Prerogative, Every Little Step and Humpin Around, among others.

Bobby also released an EP entitled Bobby Brown II: The Masterpiece. Bobby Brown has also starred in several movies, such as A Thin Line Between Love & Hate; which add to his net worth of millions of dollars. As of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

Famous quotes by Bobby Brown include:

  • “I feel that the simplicity of life is just being yourself.”
  • “In the beginning, the media was calling me a bad boy all the time because of the way I act and feel onstage. None of them have ever taken the time to get to know me when I climb offstage.”
  • “I like being in control of making all the major decisions pertaining to my projects. That’s something that you don’t get to do in a group. Everything has to be voted on – every minor decision.”

Bobby Brown

Age 54
Real name Robert Barisford Brown
Born Boston, Massachusetts
Education Unknown
Occupation R&B Singer, Songwriter, Dancer
Source of Wealth Music, Diversified Portfolio
Relationship status Whitney Houston (m. 1992-2007), Alicia Etheredge-Brown (m. 2012)
Net worth $2 million
Height 5’10
Weight 208 lbs
Last updated February 2023

How much money does Bobby Brown make?

Here is an overview and rough estimate of Bobby Brown salary, to include monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly income. Please keep in mind that the amount of money that he earns is taxable; in which, he falls under the highest tax bracket. Thus, financial planning plays a key role in establishing both short and long-term goals along the path to building wealth.

  • Annual Income: $300,000
  • Monthly Income: $25,000
  • Weekly Income: $5,800
  • Daily Income: $820
  • Hourly Income: $34

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How did Bobby Brown get rich?

Bobby Brown was able to get rich from his fortune through music sales, concert tours, movie roles, and endorsements. He has amassed a net worth of millions through his various projects and endeavors. Despite his financial success, Bobby Brown still works hard to this day by touring, producing music and even starting his own reality show. His most popular song to date, My Prerogative, topped the US Billboard Hot 100 in 1989 and remains one of his most acclaimed tracks.

Bobby Brown Biography

How old is Bobby Brown? Bobby Brown, born Robert Barisford Brown on February 5, 1969 (age 54) is an American R&B singer-songwriter, dancer, actor and rapper. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Brown was a member of the popular 1980s and early 1990s R&B boy band New Edition before embarking on a solo career in 1986.

Bobby Brown Albums

His first solo album was King of Stage (1986). The album featured his number one hit Girlfriend which became his first top ten single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart as a solo artist. Brown’s second studio album Don’t Be Cruel (1988), spawned two number one hits: the title track and My Prerogative. Also included were other top ten singles such as Every Little Step and Rock Wit Cha. The album was Diamond certified and won a Grammy for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance.

Brown then released his third studio album Bobby (1992). It peaked at number two on the Billboard 200 chart, and spawned three top ten singles including Humpin Around, which reached number one on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart. Other singles included Good Enough and Get Away.

Throughout the 1990s Brown continued to release albums with moderate success. His fourth studio album Forever (1997) featured the minor hit single Something In Common featuring Whitney Houston. His fifth and final solo studio album, Being Bobby Brown (2005), was released after several years of relative inactivity.

In the late 2000s and early 2010s, Brown returned to music with two collaborative albums: The Masterpiece (2012) with producer Babyface and Home Again (2012) with New Edition. He also released a solo single Like Bobby (2014). In recent years he has been focused on performing live as a solo artist as well as with New Edition. He continues to be active in R&B today.

Being Bobby Brown

Brown has also worked extensively in film and television over the years including roles in A Different World, Ghostbusters II, Dead Presidents, Two Can Play That Game, Big Momma’s House 2 and Think Like A Man Too. He also starred on BET’s reality show Being Bobby Brown.

Bobby Brown Family

Brown has been married two times – most recently to Alicia Etheredge-Brown in 2012 – and has 7 children by several different women.

Bobby Brown Music

Through his music and advocacy, Brown has made an indelible mark in the R&B world. His influence can still be felt today through the artists he has touched over the years as well as those inspired by his life story. Bobby Brown remains one of the most iconic figures in R&B history who will continue to entertain fans for generations to come.

The following discography summarizes Bobby Brown’s music career:

* King of Stage (1986)

* Don’t Be Cruel (1988)

* Bobby (1992)

* Forever (1997)

* Being Bobby Brown (2005)

* The Masterpiece (2012, with Babyface)

* Home Again (2012, with New Edition).

Since the beginning of his career, Bobby Brown has achieved great success in both solo and collaborative projects. His extensive discography includes seven albums, many singles and numerous collaborations with fellow artists. He has also appeared in films and television shows, served as an advocate for substance abuse prevention and awareness, and continues to tour around the world. He is a true legend of R&B music who will continue to be remembered for generations to come.

This concludes our overview of Bobby Brown’s successful career in music, film and television. From his early days with New Edition to his current tours with New Edition, Brown has been at the forefront of popular culture for over three decades. His influence and legacy will continue to be felt for many years to come. Thank you for taking the time to learn about Bobby Brown!


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