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Who (or What) is Xname Lname?

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Xname Lname is not a real person although there is a website with that name. It is an IT information-sharing website with a large number of articles on coding and the uses of xname, lname, and fname in performing basic tasks in Excel.  Xname is used by XAML to reference certain elements.  XAML, which stands for eXtensible Application Markup Language, is a programming language that was released by Microsoft in June 2008. The field indicated by Xname becomes a specific name as XAML processing is taking place. Lname is used to indicate a last name, and fname is used to indicate a first name.

Many of the articles on the xnamelname website explain how to use Xname and Lname to make your Excel spreadsheets look better.  For those readers unfamiliar with spreadsheets and Excel, a spreadsheet is a worksheet consisting of columns and rows in which data is entered.  Microsoft’s electronic worksheet, Excel, is in use worldwide and makes sorting, arranging, and performing calculations with the entered data extremely easy. One article explains how to use Xname and Lname to switch from first name, last name to last name, first name and how to divide a column containing full names into two columns with the first and last names appearing separately.

In addition to the xnamelname website, a search on the term “xname lname” displays a few companies (i.e. Xname Lname Realtor) that use the phrase as part of their name.  Likewise, Xname Lname Nootropics is a company that sells a pill that they say can enhance your brain power—a “smart drug.” Xname Lname Foundation Rome Cellphones takes you to a site that has articles on a number of diverse topics, including cellphones and telecommunications, computers, women’s clothing, and men’s clothing.  Apparently, “xname lname” has become a term that is frequently searched, so these companies use the term as the first part of their name in an attempt to get more hits.

What is Xname Lname Net Worth?

Net worth is defined as total assets minus total liabilities.  We can calculate the net worth of a business just as we can calculate the net worth of an individual.  The assets of a typical business include cash, inventories, accounts receivable (i.e., the amount of money customers owe them), and plant and equipment.  The liabilities, or debt, of a business generally includes payables (i.e., the amount they owe others, such as their suppliers, employees, and utility providers), short-term notes, and long-term debt, which might include a mortgage. Thus, the equation we would use to determine the net worth of a business can be written as follows:

Net Worth = (Cash + Inventories + Accounts receivable + Plant and equipment) – (Payables + Short-term notes + Long-term debt)

So, if we had this data for the entity that hosts the xnamelname website, we could easily calculate its net worth, regardless of whether that entity is an individual or a business.  Unfortunately, it is impossible to know whether the host is an individual or a company since the site doesn’t divulge that information, and even if it happens to be a company, it is probably not one that is publicly traded, which means we would not have access to the financial data we need (i.e., its assets and liabilities) in order to calculate xname lname’s net worth. 

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Xname Xname Net Worth

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