Eminem Net Worth 2023

How much is Eminem Worth?

Eminem is a famous American rapper, record producer, actor, and listed amongst the best selling music artists of all time. As of 2023, Eminem net worth is estimated at $230 million. An extensive narrative about his life story tells of how Eminem struggled and hustled through poverty and hardships of his early life, until his break came when he took the music and rap world by storm. He has sold over 220 million records worldwide to date.

Famous quotes by Eminem include:

  • “Money doesn’t buy happiness… It buys crazy-ass happiness.”
  • “Everybody has goals, and everybody has been at a point in their life where nobody believed in them. You have to stay motivated when things get tough.”


Age 50
Born Saint Joseph, Missouri
Current location Rochester Hills, Michigan
Education Lincoln High School (dropout)
Occupation Rapper, Songwriter, Record Producer, Actor
Source of Wealth Music, Entrepreneur, Diversified Portfolio
Relationship status Kimberly Anne Scott (m. 1999-2001; m. 2006-2006)
Net worth $230 million
Height 5’8
Weight 157 lbs
Last updated January 2023

How much money does Eminem make?

Here is an overview and rough estimate of rapper Eminem salary, to include monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly income. Please keep in mind that the amount of money that he earns is taxable; in which, he falls under the highest tax bracket. Thus, financial planning plays a key role in establishing both short and long-term goals along the path to building wealth.

  • Annual Income: $23 million
  • Monthly Income: $1,916,000
  • Weekly Income: $442,000
  • Daily Income: $63,000
  • Hourly Income: $2,600

How did Eminem get rich?

Eminem was able to get rich by developing multiple streams of income from his album sales as a rapper, live performance tours, and merchandise exchanges.

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How old is Eminem? Eminem was born on October 17, 1972 (age 50), in St. Joseph, Missouri; in which, his given real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III. It was said that his mother almost died giving birth to him as she went through a grueling 73 hours of labor before he finally came.

In his early childhood years, Eminem parents were part of a musical band. But they later separated due to misunderstandings. After his parents separated, his mother had to take Eminem everywhere she went. They often had to travel to and from Michigan and Missouri. They never stayed for more than a year in any one house. They are always moving from one place to another. During his childhood, Eminem was able to stay in a lot of places in Missouri such as Kansas City, Savannah, and St. Joseph.

Eminem grew up in a neighborhood where there were a lot of black families, most of whom were lower middle class. He was often bullied because there were only three white households in their neighborhood. Before he discovered his passion for music and rap, he wanted to become a comic book artist. Deep inside, what he really loved to do was to tell stories, and that’s what led Eminem to hip-hop rap.

Rapper Eminem

When he was still starting out in his rap career, Eminem first thought of using M and M rapper as his rap nickname. This was taken from the initials of his name ‘MM’ (Marshall Mathers). Soon after, he stopped going to school and soon dropped out of high school when he was 17. He went on to work odd jobs while honing his emerging talent in rap. He joined rap battles in Detroit where he was soon making a name and was seen as a rising young talent.

Even when they are in school, Eminem and his closest friend would head off to lunchrooms where rap battles were being fought. These were the early years when Eminem discovered his passion for music and great interest in rap. That is when he found out he had quite some serious music talent and rap skills. He would later recount that he got so serious with improving his rap skills that he studied the dictionary.

Eminem First Album

Soon, he was a highly respected name in the hip-hop rap scene of Detroit. Later on, he joined Bassmint Productions, which would later have a change of name to Soul Intent. But rapper Eminem was not earning enough yet from his rap gigs, so he still had to hustle hard. He went on doing part time jobs as a cook and dishwasher. When he was not cooking and washing dishes, he went to studios and recorded music for various recording companies. His first break came in 1996 when Eminem was able to release his first album entitled Infinite by Web Entertainment.

It was in 1998 when Eminem career would get a breakthrough and be launched to global stardom. At that time, it seemed that the year did not start well for him because Eminem was evicted by his landlord in March of that year. Ever ready with his grit and hustle, he took this setback as an opportunity to try his fortune in the Rap Olympics, which was being held in Los Angeles. When his turn came, he owned the stage and swept the audience with his rap skills. He was able to place second.

Who Discovered Eminem?

But more importantly, there was someone watching in the audience who turned out to be the person who would bring rapper Eminem to the big leagues of the music industry and rap entertainment. This was a staff member of Interscope Records who gave a copy of the album to the big boss of Interscope Records—Jimmy Lovine. The album was entitled Slim Shady EP.

Jimmy Lovine was said to have liked what he heard, and he, in turn, showed the album to Dr. Dre. At that time, Dr. Dre was one of the biggest stars of N.W.A. He had a startup named Aftermath Records, and he was searching for the next big talent to launch to stardom. Dr. Dre discovered Eminem by way of the Slim Shady album. He got so hooked with the rap style of Eminem and people who worked with him at that time quoted Dr. Dre as having said, “Find him. Now.” When they found Eminem, the Aftermath Entertainment production team lost no time and signed him up. 

Eminem was still riding high from his dazzling performance at the just concluded Rap Olympics in Los Angeles when he was given the opportunity to record The Slim Shady EP. It was the then uncommon innovation of Slim Shady EP’s dark theme of sex, drugs, and violence that was said to have struck Dr. Dre, who knew he had stumbled upon some kind of a rap genius. Slim Shady was, in fact, an alter ego of Eminem in the fictional world of hip hop, who had some kind of a dark soul.

When The Slim Shady LP hit the market, it was an instant and enormous hit. Its sales went off the charts. And for the first time in his life, Eminem had a lot of money from his pocket. He knew that from that moment forward, his days of hustle and hunger were over. The album sold a lot and soon it was certified 4x Platinum in America. To top it all, Eminem was awarded a Grammy for The Slim Shady as the best rap album.

Being the astonishing raw music and rap talent that he is, Eminem succeeding albums were much awaited by his fans. By May 2000, The Marshal Mathers LP was released. It just set the unprecedented record of selling so many copies faster than was ever done or heard in the history of hip hop. In fact, it sold a total of 21 million copies. Next, he came up with The Eminem Show which sold more than 27 million copies worldwide. By then, Eminem was the undisputed star of what always dreamt of doing—rap.


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